InsulTote Flap Insulated Pallet Covers

Transporting your temperature-sensitive products in bulk is no problem for our reflective insulation pallet covers. You can cover your entire pallet of product with one cover to save time and money. The larger mass of a grouped product can actually help hold temperature too!

We understand that temperature fluctuation can be an issue during storage as well. Use InsulTote pallet covers in your warehouse to save on energy costs and keep your products in great condition. You specify seamed or flap style to allow easy access to your product.

Compact, Lightweight and Strong Thermal Shipping Solutions.

All Insultote Products are Proudly Made in the USA.

As the manufacturer, we are capable of fabricating any size pallet covers within 1/4″ to suit your specific set up.


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Shipping temperature-sensitive products presents special challenges for ship, rail, and air cargo. With InsulTote insulated packaging supplies you can be confident that your items will deliver safely.

  • Insulating foil stops 95 percent of radiant heat that can threaten product quality or package contents
  • Compact, lightweight and strong pallet covers & liners
  • Performs as well as or better than EPS foam and other types of insulation typically used to ship temperature-sensitive items
  • Delivers savings due to reduced shipping costs, materials and warehouse storage space
  • Insulated Pallet covers & liners are space-efficient, less bulky and environmentally friendly
  • Clean, streamlined design makes your shipped products stand out from the crowd
  • InsulTote thermal shipping packaging offers great solutions for pharmaceutical cold chain shipping.

Performance is dependent on environmental conditions and application, therefore no guarantees apply