Astro-Armour Reflective Foam Insulation Rolls

Roll of reflective foam insulation

State-of-the-Art Reflective Foam Insulation Rolls for Metal and Post-frame Buildings.

Astro-Armour is our latest reflective insulation product to advance the technology for reflective materials by incorporating a high-density foam and UV inhibitors within an effective reflective material. Astro-Armour reflective insulation rolls can keep 95 percent of radiant heat out of commercial and farm buildings of all kinds- whether metal or post-frame. Reducing heat-transfer results in more comfortable interior spaces and reduced energy costs.

Astro-Armour is the perfect insulation for animal confinement buildings as well, preventing indoor ambient air temperatures from raising above outdoor ambient temperatures.  On top of great performance, this new material provides a white surface that can be cleaned to maintain a pleasing interior visual, and it boasts superior strength. It won't rip or tear like other materials and will hold up against pesky animal nesters. Astro-Armour will also mitigate condensation issues when properly installed.


Astro-Armour is made with high density polyethylene foam sandwiched between a white woven polyethylene scrim with U.V. and thermal inhibitors on one side, and a highly reflective metalized film on the other side. The reflective side stops 95 percent of the summer radiant heat from entering buildings, and holds heat inside during the cold temperatures. The white side gives your area a nice clean look and can be high pressure washed.

Thoughtfully engineered for ease of use, Astro-Armour is available in 4' x 125' and 6' x 125' rolls. We offer square edge or quick seam release tape edging options.

For new construction or retrofit of commercial post frame or metal buildings, Astro-Armour reflective foam insulation rolls are the newest and best insulation material on the market.

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  • Superior Strength
  • Reduces Condensation
  • Class 1/A Fire Rating
  • 95% Reflectivity
  • Contains UV Inhibitors
  • Easy to Install & Maintain
  • Birds Cannot Nest or Puncture
  • 4' x 125' and 6' x 125' Rolls

Made with high-density polyethylene foam sandwiched between a white woven polyethylene and a highly reflective metalized film.

The reflective side stops 95 percent of the summer heat from entering buildings and holds heat inside during the cold winters. The white side has U.V. and thermal inhibitors.

Thoughtfully engineered for ease of use, we offer square, staple tab or quick seam release tape edging options.

Superior in strength, it won't rip or tear. It is also easy to clean.
Available in two sizes: 4' x 125' and 6'x 125' rolls

Physical Properties

Test Methods


-Metalized Film
ASTM C1371 0.057
Water Vapor Transmission (perm) ASTM E96 0.050
Temperature and Humidity Resistance ASTM C1258 PASS
Water Vapor Transmission (perm) (after C1258) ASTM E96 0.059
Adhesive Performance-Bleeding and Delamination ASTM C1224 PASS
Adhesive Performance-Pliability ASTM C1224 PASS
Fungi Resistance
-White Side
-Metal Side
Surface Burning Characteristics ASTM E84 0
Tensile Strength * (tb/in^2)
-Machine Direction
-Cross Machine Direction
ASTM D882 618.1
Penetration Resistance*
-Penetration Load
-Energy at Penetration
ASTM F1206* 10.2

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Pre-Engineered Metal and Post-Frame Applications

    1. AstroArmour works best when there is a 3/4" air space on each side of the insulation. (Larger air space is fine but a smaller one reduces its thermal effectiveness.)
    2. AstroArmour Reflective Insulation should always be installed on the inside of the structure.
    3. AstroArmour will not cure existing problems. Leaking roofs, rot or mold situations or other moisture or structural problems should be corrected before installation.
    4. Any deteriorated wiring should be replaced prior to installing AstroArnour.
    5. AstroArmour should be at least 3' from any heat-producing fixtures, chimneys, blowers, etc. NEVER install AstroArmour directly above lighting or other heat-producing devices.
    6. Always turn off all electricity in the area when installing AstroArmour Foil Insulation.

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