About Innovative Energy


Innovative Energy, Inc. stands proud as a family-owned company. After nearly four decades in business, I.E. has been a leader in delivering high-performance reflective insulation products to a growing market of energy-conserving industries. Our innovative insulation materials meet the requirements of a wide range of applications. We have grown to offer commercial building and HVAC products, InsulTote insulated packaging, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) materials for RVs,  and do-it-yourself solutions for home-owners.


Business with Integrity

Innovative Energy is led by a set of strong core values that focus on doing business with integrity. We are passionate about our team, and make every effort to do right by our customers. We handle every inquiry with personal attention because your business is important to us. One way we care for our customers is by holding high standards for the quality of our products and our business practices.

We continue to be active members of industry organizations that help us keep improving our offerings. Over the years, I.E. has been recognized by organizations such as Rural Builder, Radiant Panel Association, Frame Building News, and Reflective Insulation Manufacturers Association, for honors such as standards of excellence and significant contributions to the industry.

Innovative Energy,Inc. will excitedly push forward to bring success for each member of our team as we continue to innovate our products and the solutions we can provide for our customers. We do this with great care, and consideration for our local community and our business's impact on our global environment.

Superior Products

Innovative Energy offers high-performing insulation products featuring energy-efficient radiant thermal technology.

The company's leading product, AstroShield (an improved version of the product previously known as ASTRO-FOIL), features a new surface and combines a vapor barrier, an air infiltration barrier and reflective insulation all in one. It consists of two compact layers of polyethylene air-bubble pockets sandwiched between film and is ideal for use in metal and post-frame buildings, garages, garage doors and more.

I.E.'s radiant barrier product line extends the utility of thermal performance in areas such as attics and crawl spaces by improving the efficiency of existing insulation. R+HEATSHIELD is effective in controlling temperature and eliminating moisture problems.

The InsulTote line of packaging products offers solutions for customers in the food, floral and medical supply industries. The outstanding thermal performance of our boxes, pouches, bags and other protective packaging means your temperature - sensitive products deliver safely. Most insulated packaging is big and bulky - but not InsulTote. Our compact sizes mean customers benefit from reductions in shipping costs, warehouse labor and storage space.

InsulTote has earned a reputation for superior quality in the industry and has been referenced as one of the top 5 names in cold chain packaging world wide.


Our History

In 1978, founders Bob and Mary Wadsworth began their quest to develop energy-conserving products through radiant technology. Their first project was building a two-story greenhouse on the back of their old farmhouse. It was the first successful year-round solar greenhouse in that latitude. The couple discovered that reflective insulation materials did a much better job of holding the heat collected than mass insulation products did. This experience led them to develop reflective insulation and radiant barrier materials that utilized this technology; and in 1980, Innovative Energy Inc. was formed.

Shortly thereafter, the company developed a perforated radiant barrier that could be laid directly on top of mass insulation in attic spaces, providing a practical energy-saving solution for homeowners.

Six years later, I.E. introduced ASTRO-FOIL reflective insulation products worldwide. In 1988, the company introduced a reflective insulated air conditioning duct system, now known as UltraDuct, for the recreational vehicle industry. Other key products developed over the years include AstroShield, R+HEATSHIELD, TUFF-STUFF, InsulTote, and Astro-Armour.

In 1995, business at I.E. outgrew the family farm and expanded its operations to a plant in Lowell, Indiana to meet the growing customer demand.

Since then, I.E. has expanded with an insulated packaging department, InsulTote, that has been noted as one of the top players in the cold-chain packaging industry. The need for insulated pouches and box-liners continues to grow with a nation demanding fresh goods at their door.

In 2019, when founder Bob passed away, his son-in-law, Jonathon Hagarbome (who was acting as General Manager) and daughter Whitney, purchased Innovative Energy with the great responsibility to carry on the family legacy.

Innovative Energy runs on a strong set of core values and is proud to now provide many jobs to the town of Lowell. The company continues to market high-performing quality products and actively seeks new ways to meet the ever-changing needs of the marketplace.


What Our Clients Say About Us

Just wanted to take a minute to thank you, Lisa and everyone else at Innovative Energy.
it was a true blessing when we met you and Jonathon at Metal Con in Charlotte. We were
struggling with the double bubble insulation that we were using, our customers were not
happy with the way that it was coming apart after being installed. The introduction to
Astro Armour and Innovative Energy has turned things around for us and our customers.
The contractors are so satisfied with the way it installs.

Metal Roofing Supply

Thank you for making such a useful and affordable product for my small business as we pivot into new and exciting ventures! The bags were super easy to work with and fit perfectly into the medium flat rate box.

Holcomb Hollow

I appreciate the personal support you’ve provided in helping us find the right shipping products for our needs. You’ve recommended simpler, less expensive solutions that we might not have chosen on our own. As a small business it’s great to have your expertise in our corner. You’ve made our shipping process easier and more cost-effective. 


We’ve been working with Innovative Energy for 15 years and love their products and their service.

Journey Design