How To Transition My Business To Shipping

We understand it can seem overwhelming when you are first trying to make the move to start shipping your fragile products. It’s scary to let go of the control and send a package on its way; but with changing times, this transition has become crucial for many businesses like yours. We created this guide to help take some of the guesswork out and get you on your way to shipping temperature-sensitive products with confidence. It CAN be done, and we are here to help.

Interior Packaging

You may already have this part figured out if you’re in stores, but if not, that’s okay. Start getting creative to find packaging that will match your branding, but also secure your products safely. There are a lot of resources out there, so don’t let this step hold you back!


It is possible you will need to add some type of refrigerant like a frozen gel pack or dry ice to lengthen the amount of time your product will remain stable during shipping. It is our experience that customers have seen better results with one large gel packs. several smaller ones. Imagine a block of ice and several ice cubes set out in the sun. The cubes will melt much quicker than a block. Consider a traditional, foam brick, or moisture-wicking style. Order Gel Packs Here.

Exterior Packaging

Once you know what you’re working with, decide on a corrugated shipping box size. It is important to add a reflective insulation box liner, or pouch, inside your box to protect your product from harsh temperature changes and put your mind at ease. This will help prevent melting, discoloration, and customer dissatisfaction. Order Insul Totes Here Then calculate your total packaging cost to incorporate into your pricing.

Test Shipping

Set your package up as you would for a customer shipment and arrange to ship to a friend or family member in another state. This way, your friend can let you know how everything arrives on the other end. Don’t forget to include a data logger to track your package’s interior temperature during the journey. This will give you real data on whether your plan is working, or whether you need to adjust some variables. Find Data Logger Here