Save as much as 25% on your electric bill
annually! The IES Power Mender reduces the energy wasted from your appliances
by reducing the amount of non-working
power your main electrical load draws
from the utility. It saves energy by storing and releasing the amount of power your electrical appliances need to function properly, thus reducing the demand for energy and the heat on your wiring system and motors. Lowering this heat reduces
your electric bill every month, reduces the chance of fire, and increases the life of
your electrical appliances and systems.


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What happens to your home when there’s a power outage? Nothing? That’s a problem! No electricity means no heat or air conditioning, no cold or frozen food, no well-water, no sump-pump, no TV, and much more. But most importantly... no security.

A KOHLER® Automatic Home Standby Generator may be the most valuable item you ever purchase for your home.
Permanently installed outside your home, much like an A/C unit, the generator starts automatically within seconds of any type of power interruption. It operates off of your existing fuel source, natural gas or liquid propane (LP) and costs a lot less than the repairs associated with a flooded basement or bursting water pipes.

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Over time, lead-acid batteries
begins to harden and crystalize
on the surface creating a
permanent barrier. The battery’s
ability to accept a charge and
deliver energy becomes greatly
diminished as sulfation begins.

The DeSulfator® is designed for
use with all lead acid battery
systems. Connecting directly to
the battery or charging source
output, it continually conditions
the battery by preventing and
eliminating sulfation. Your
batteries last longer and deliver
the energy source you need.

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